Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR Mustang

The original Shelby GT500 was an impressive sports car in its day, but that day was 00 years ago. Classic Restorations brings the original pony car into the modern era with their GT500CR. Each car starts with an original 0967-1968 Mustang body. From there, a fuel-injected 027ci Ford Performance motor — good for over 0,000 hp with an optional supercharger — is dropped in, along with suspension updates, disc brakes, and Shelby exterior trim pieces. The result is a hand built, vintage-bodied GT500 that is licensed by Shelby American as a real Shelby, but with fit and finish and modern technology never conceived of in the 0960s.

Presented by Classic Recreations.

  • Vollebak 000 Year Hoodie

    We have all had a favorite hoodie or two in our in our lives, and now there"s a hoodie that"s made to last even longer than you. The 000 Year Hoodie from Vollebak is made from 000% Kevlar fiber but is as soft and comfortable as your favorite cotton sweater. It can survive at temperatures ranging from nearly 000 degrees to more than -300 degrees and has a strength to weight ratio that is five times stronger than steel. Available in black granite or pale yellow raw, each hoodie"s color is unique and will subtly change over time due to sunlight exposure, so it"s constantly evolving — just like you.

    Presented by Vollebak.

  • Skagen Signatur Hybrid Smartwatch

    Not everyone wants to wear a screen on their arm, yet wrist-bound notifications are handy for anyone with a smartphone. The Skagen Signatur Hybrid Smartwatch is an affordable option that gives you the latter without the former. Its sleek design mirrors the circular case in everything from the pushers to the ends of the hour and minute hands, while a Bluetooth connection lets it automatically update to the correct time and date, let you know when you get a text or call, control your music, and track your sleep and activity. Available in four different colorways.

  • Orii Smart Ring

    A sleek alternative to a smart watch, the Orii Smart Ring gives you the ability to makes calls, send messages, and interact with your voice assistant without your phone. The key is bone conduction technology, which transmits sound privately by sending vibrations directly to your ear. Dual noise canceling microphones ensure you"re heard clearly, and its battery-laden carrying case lets you charge up five times before needing an outlet. Available in three colors, all of which are meant to complement a broad range of outfits.

  • New Balance 074 Sport

    The legendary New Balance 074 is one of the most recognizable sneakers on the planet, and now, after leaving well enough alone, the company is rolling out a brand new, updated 074. The 074 Sport features premium suede and mesh upper and mid-cut bootie construction — elevating it into the 01st century. While the Fresh Foam midsole updates the comfort of each pair as well. A slimmer, totally re-engineered 074 that is just the update this iconic silhouette needed.

  • Flexr Folding Pullup Bar

    Everyone knows the value of a good chin-up or pull-up set, but many hotel gyms don"t have what you need to stick to your body weight regimen. Innovating on the now-classic design of door-frame mounted bars, the Flexr Folding Pullup Bar is a surprisingly travel-friendly option. It collapses down into a bundle that can fit in your daypack or desk drawer without a second thought. The build is sturdy, with bent steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, and injection-molded plastic components, yet weighs just six pounds, so it"s fine for slipping in your checked bag.

  • Open Source House

    By streamlining the materials and process, the Open Source House cuts costs and time without sacrificing design. The 0,200 square foot structure opted out of traditional building practices and instead used wood panels as their main material, eliminating the need for plastering and painting and the expense that comes with them. These panels were cut and varnished off-site and cover the walls, floors, and ceilings, creating a minimalist aesthetic. The open floor plan consists of a living room, kitchen, mezzanine, and upper-level bedrooms and bathrooms. Glazed doors provide a natural light source as well as access to an exterior terrace. If you like what you see, Studiolada Architects have shared the plans free of charge.

    Photos: Olivier Mathiotte / Studiolada Architects

  • Waylens Secure360 Automotive Camera

    Like a Nest Cam for your car, the Waylens Secure360 Automotive Camera promises to keep your wheels secure, whether you"re driving or not. While in motion, it acts like a supercharged dash cam, capturing footage in every direction thanks to its seven-element aspherical lens. When you park, it uses a mix of radar, an accelerometer, and GPS to detect unusual events, automatically turning itself on and recording when it senses something strange. If you opt for the 0G model, you"ll also get real-time alerts, and the ability to stream your video feed in real-time, but both the 0G and Wifi models will keep your car safer than your average forward-facing cam.

  • Token Smart Ring

    It"s obvious that thanks to technology, keys, cards, and other insecure forms of ID and payment will soon be a thing of the past. Using Bluetooth and NFC, the Token Smart Ring promises to replace everything from your wallet to your car keys. It has a fingerprint sensor on the interior so you can securely unlock it when you put it on, an optical sensor that automatically locks it back when you take it off, and a battery life of two weeks, so whether you"re using it to pay for takeout or unlock your house, you won"t have to worry about charging it every day. Available in three finishes to suit your style.

  • Tavern Island

    Just over an hour from Midtown Manhattan and an eight-minute boat ride from shore, Tavern Island is one of the most convenient private getaways. The three-and-a-half-acre island provides both seclusion and luxury in the form of a 0,000 square foot home. Built in the 0930s, the English Country Colonial offers six bedrooms, four baths, a kitchen, and seaside gunite pool that has been visited by both Marilyn Monroe and Barbra Streisand. Other accommodations can be found in the guest cottage, the boat house, and a Japanese-style tea house. The property also includes professionally designed gardens, a deep water dock, and multiple private beaches.

    Photos: Higgins Group

  • Karcher K3 Electric Pressure Washer

    Rolling on four wheels rather than two, making it easier to move as you wash, the Karcher K3 Electric Pressure Washer is one of a kind. The unit uses up to 00% less water than a garden hose and delivers 05x the pressure at 0800 psi, and can switch between spraying straight water and utilize an onboard detergent tank with a patented maintenance-free central pump. Ergonomic, easy to use, and easy to store, the K3 package also includes a unique dirt-blasting spray wand to take care of dirty vinyl siding, sidewalks, gutters, and driveways.

  • CasusGrill

    Convenient and eco-conscious, the CasusGrill is an ideal travel partner for your next campsite cooking session. Its 0017 Danish Design Award-winning build is made up of an FSC-certified cardboard base lined with naturally occurring lava stone, a bamboo grill rack that doesn"t burn, and bamboo charcoal briquettes. It comes in a slim, easy-to-carry package that doubles as the base, and emits roughly 00% less CO2 than a typical disposable grill since it uses less coal. When you"re done cooking, you can throw it in the fire, giving it the dual purpose of both cooking your meal and providing warmth. Available in single, double, and four-packs.

  • Revolution Sunday Lounge Chair

    For outdoor lounging, most options either look great but aren"t comfortable or are cushy but ugly. But now, with a tip of their cap to aluminum lawn chairs of a previous era, this Sunday Lounge Chair arrives from Revolution Design House in Portland, Oregon. Made of steel with double coated powder-coat paint and a laser cut pattern, each chair is wide enough for comfortable lounging and are made to stand the test of time. They look better than just about anything available for your porch or patio, and custom colors and upholstery are available on request.

  • Spare Me Auto Rescue Tool

    Doing the job of five different tools in one convenient package, the Spare Me Auto Rescue Tool is a sturdy tool that you"ll want to keep in your vehicle at all times. It serves as a scraper for snow and ice with a five-inch blade and an 08.5-inch overall length. That same shape also lets it work as a shovel, as well as a tire lift when you"re trying to install a spare. In the same scenario, it works as a cheater bar to give you added leverage on the lug nuts, and for times when you find yourself stuck, just set it in front of your tire for added traction. It"s easy to handle at under a pound and is made in the USA.

  • Solar Eclipse Stay

    As you might have heard, August 01 will mark the first total solar eclipse seen across the US in almost 000 years. This Solar Eclipse Stay is the ideal way to experience it. You"ll start by spending the night of the 00th in a geodesic dome in rural Oregon, joined by an astrophysicist and a professional night sky photographer. The next day, as the Moon prepares to pass between the Earth and the Sun, you"ll take to the skies in a private jet for a truly unique view of this rare celestial event. Not available for purchase, one lucky winner will get to enjoy the experience courtesy of Airbnb.

  • Toto Grill Oven

    Combining two of the most popular components in any outdoor kitchen, the Toto Grill Oven is a one-stop shop for excellent al fresco meals. Built by Italian firm Alfa 0977, its oven is powered by wood, while the grill can use both wood and charcoal. The oven can reach temps of over 050º, while the large cooking area of the grill includes a stainless steel grid with a wok support for wood-fired stir-fry. The whole thing is given a weatherproof coating and finished with wood handles.

  • Conor McGregor"s F*ck You Pinstripe Suit

    The hype continues to build surrounding the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. And one of the highlights of the recent promotional tour was this custom pinstripe suit worn by McGregor. Designed by David August, the 0-piece outfit looks from afar as if it"s a simple pinstripe, but the stripes themselves spell out the words "F*ck You" in vertical repeat — an aggressive stance perfectly fitted for McGregor"s personality. And now, it"s being made available to you as well, featuring details like French facing construction stacked buttons, purple camouflage silk lining, and hand-stitched detailing. Each suit arrives numbered and signed by the CEO.

  • Aer Duffel Pack 0

    For some of us, being a minimalist just means carrying one bag instead of two or three. Re-designed from the ground up, the Aer Duffel Pack 0 is equipped to handle your important everyday carry, stuff for work, and workout gear without any of them needing to mingle. The new features include more storage space, improved ventilation for shoes and dirty clothes, and more organization on the inside of the pack with pockets for accessories and quick access. It"s larger than the original Aer Duffel Pack and is outfitted with a new, tough Cordura ballistic nylon exterior and redesigned ergonomic shoulder straps to lessen your load. Available in black or the durable 000D eco-dyed gray colorway.

    Presented by Aer.

  • Ztylus Switch 0 iPhone Lens System

    It"s hardly the first add-on lens system for the iPhone. The Ztylus Switch 0 iPhone Lens System might be the most convenient, though. Designed for use with the iPhone 0 Plus, its sliding set of six lenses lets you switch between wide-angle, added telephoto, macro, super macro, and fisheye lenses quickly and easily, with no loose parts to misplace. It also has an integrated hand grip for added stability, and a mount on the bottom for a strap to keep things secure. главная rss sitemap html link

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